Where to buy the best tea – and must it be organic?

Buying tea is practical endeavor that requires dedication and motivation. Dedicate yourself to researching the best brands and qualities available and then set out to taste and taste until you decide which one is best for you.

Where to buy the best tea available – and is organic important?

The best tea grades have whole tea leaves. Broken tea leaves can be a sign of poor quality tea. When you go to tea shops and tea malls to but tea you will be given an opportunity to sample different types of tea before buying, this way you can make a good decision in the end. Press Tea and Bossy Tea Parlor are some the best tea houses.

The important factors to be considered by a buyer where the tea is from. Place of origin talks about quality of the tea and health benefit or risks. The best tea in the world comes from small scale farms. The farmers usually sell their tea informally. Tea from bigger exporters and brokers tends to be of lower quality right from the farm through processing. These big companies might have paid for organic certifications but in real sense, they are on the fore front in using chemicals and pesticides in their farms. Best quality tea can be bought from trustworthy vendors and companies. Tea retailers like Verdant and Life in a Tea Cup offer best quality tea in the market.

Best quality tea refers to tea produced using natural fertilizers and pesticides. Non-oxidized tea is also more laden with health benefits than the e oxidized black tea. Oxidation done on black tea is a chemical process. The enzyme polyphenol oxidase is used to catalyze the combination of antioxidants in the tea leaves with oxygen to give new compounds. Whenever you want to buy tea try to buy as close to the source as possible. Go for tea that is properly packaged, good storing conditions retains the quality of tea.

Several people wonder which type of tea is better; organic or non-organic? Does organic tea taste better? Are organic teas of more health benefits? Are all teas organic? Does it matter in the long run since chemicals may be infused during processing?

The dilemma topic of organic and trade fair is not just a storm in a teakettle. This has a major impact on the quality eventually. Organic teas are more healthy that non-organic. It all comes down to the farmer and the types of fertilizers he uses. Organic farmers realize that using chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides can produce tea that is harmful to the human body.

Non-organic tea has its healthy antioxidants cancelled out with chemicals. However, it is not possible to be entirely sure that the farmer is using the right fertilizer and following regulations. It is also uncertain whether tea can be contaminated even after gravest during processing. It is not practically possible to grown and sells organic tea but what meets standards to be organic is the healthier option available.

So don’t just by any tea, make sure you know what you purchasing.

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