Health Benefits – is Tea “Good for You”?

A study that was published by the journal of physiological anthropology revealed that many people who drink tea don’t know its health benefits. Consumed by millions of people around the globe, tea is not only meant to brighten your morning but it also has medicinal benefits. Various studies have shown that just a small teabag can do wonders for your overall health. So is tea good for you? In this article, we are going to answer that question by discussing the health benefits of tea.

  1. Will help you maintain healthy weight

A study that was published in the journal of obesity found out that people who drink tea gained weight at a slower rate when compared to people who did not drink at all. The study also revealed that some compounds found on tea extracts have the ability to interfere with fat formation in your body thus enabling you to maintain healthy weight.

  1. It decreases the risk of cancer

A study conducted by national cancer institute revealed that tea contain a compound known as polyphenol which has been scientifically proven to help lower the risk of developing tumor growth. The study also revealed that people who live in regions with that embraces tea drinking culture have less cancer rate. One large scale clinical study compared tea drinker with non-tea drinkers and found out that those who drank tea were less likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

  1. It reduces arthritis

Various studies conducted by credible institutions have revealed that certain compounds found in tea helps to stop inflammatory chemicals in the body including those that cause arthritis. Studies have shown that tea can actually prevent cartilage from breaking, a factor that help to strengthen the joints.

  1. Helps to reduce stress levels

Are you stressed out? If yes then a cup of tea is all that you need. Various scientific studies have revealed that tea can help reduce levels of stress hormone. As we all know, stress and blood pressure goes hand in hand. This means that when you are stressed then your blood pressure is mostly likely go up. Besides lowering your stress levels, tea also helps to lower systolic blood pressure.

  1. Improves cardiovascular health.

2015 study that was in the journal of the American medical association reveled that tea consumption is associated with reduced deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases. The study also found out that people who consume at least 3 cups of tea each day lowered their risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases significantly than those who drank less cup per day.

  1. It has less caffeine than coffee

Do you know that tea has less than 50 percent of caffeine found in coffee? This means that you can consume tea without worrying that you could fall prey to the effect of caffeine. The caffeine found in tea is so small meaning that it will not affect your health in any way.

  1. Good for your brain

Various studies have suggested that tea may actually be beneficial in reducing the risk of suffering from dementia as well as aiding in enhancing your brains cognitive function particularly your working memory.

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